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Here is the How It Works
1. Register Card
how it works: step 1
You can register up to ten cards in your account
2. Browse Offers
how it works: step 2
Check out the deals on our Card Linked Offers page
3. Go Shopping
how it works: step 3
Shop with your registered cards at our select retailers
4. Earn PENN CashPlus 4% back in Tier Points
how it works: step 4
Earn PENN Cash and tier points on qualified purchases made at Card Linked Stores
  1. Register Card

    Click the "Register a card" button below to add your eligible payment card details before shopping with our card linked offers retailers.

    The payment card must be issued in the US and there is no limit on the number of payment cards you can link.

    Register a card

  2. Browse Offers

    Check out the deals available to you within the Card Linked Offers section of the site.

  3. Go Shopping

    Once you have added your eligible payment cards, you can shop with our card linked offers retailers and pay with any of your registed payment cards for your purchases. Your purchases will be automatically tracked to calculate how many PENN Cash rewards you’ll earn.

  4. Earn PENN Cash

    Upon successful completion of your purchase with the card linked offers retailer, your PENN Cash will appear in the Purchase History section as ‘Pending’ within 7 working days. If you don’t see the ‘Pending’ transaction, please contact us.

Quick tips to ensure you earn PENN Cash on every PENN Earn Marketplace card linked offers qualified/qualifying purchase:

  • Link your favorite bank card under your "My Cards" section. You can add more than one eligible card.
  • Browse the available Card Linked Offers store you know where to earn when you spend.
  • Make sure to use one of your linked cards when you spend at the participating store.
  • To earn with your debit card be sure to use it as a credit card by signing your receipt instead of entering your PIN.
  • Your PENN Cash will automatically post to your account after your transaction is cleared through your bank.
  • More questions? Check out our FAQs.