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2.03% Back in mycash - Card Linked is inspired by the power we all share to boldly create meaningful spaces that enrich our lives. Guided by the values of Creativity, Consciousness, Collaboration, and Community, they partner with Creators of all kinds to make these spaces possible and affordable. With gallery-quality and mindfully crafted framing and printing and a deep commitment to their customers, they co-create custom wall decor masterpieces for a life well lived. At their website you will find everything from ornate wood picture frames to modern metal frames, canvas floater frames, acrylic and metal prints and much more. partners with their customers to print and frame life’s magical moments and create space to thrive.
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Not all Mastercard, American Express and Visa cards are eligible for this Program. Without limitation, Visa Buxx, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Visa cards, EBT Visa cards and other Visa-branded cards whose transactions are not processed through the Visa U.S.A. payment system are not eligible to
participate. Not all transactions made with your registered card (including PINbased transactions, payment through a third-party digital wallet or payment app) can be monitored for eligibility to earn rewards. When using a debit card,please carry out a signature-debit transaction. Do not use a PIN when making purchases if you want the transaction to be applied towards your offer completion.